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Regulatory Technology

  1. Cloud-Based Applications for AML/KYC Processes.
  2. Blockchain Compatible.
  3. Automated, Robotic & Predictive Solutions.
  4. Real Time 314(b) Information Sharing Platform. Blackguard
  5. Facial Image Recognition Integration.
  6. Advanced Analytics, Reporting, and Documentation.
  7. Compliance Modules for Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) for Fund-Raising and AML Compliance Requirements
  8. KYC, CDD, EDD, Sanctions Compliance.
  9. Enhanced Transaction Monitoring, Alerting and Exceptions.
  10. Sanctions, Prohibition and Watch Lists

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Consulting & Remediation

  1. Scalable, Skilled, Trained and Knowledgeable Subject Matter Experts and Production Teams.
  2. Local, On-Site, Remote, On-Shore, Near-Shore Facilities.
  3. End-to-End Production, Delivery and Transformation.
  4. Look Back Projects: Data Enrichment and Document Remediation.
  5. Risk Assessment, Policies, Procedures, Controls, and Threat Resolution.
  6. Enhanced Security and Privacy Measures.
  7. Pre-ICO Compliance Initiatives and AML/KYC, On-Boarding, Due Diligence Consulting and Software as a Solution. See POLICIES Page for Disclosures.

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Complete Compliance

  1. Our Professionals Are Highly Trained, Knowledgable and Experienced in Their Respective Realms of Subject Matter Expertise Covering Many Areas in the Financial Services Industry, Technology, Law/Regulatory Compliance, Intelligence, Cyber-Security*, and Application Development.  
  2. From AML to Sanctions, and everything in between, we can deploy a qualified team to address Know Your Customer (KYC), Customer Due Diligence (CDD), Enhanced Due Diligence (EDD), and Ultimate Beneficial Ownership (UBO) remediation requirements.


Details and Projects

  1. Our preferred method of project management is SCRUM, to ensure higher quality, proven to require smaller teams, smaller budgets, and less time to completion.
  2. Members of our team completed a major KYC, CDD, EDD, UBO remediation project for a Tier 1 Bank under an OCC consent decree..
  3. Members of our team completed projects in OFAC sanctions, transaction monitoring, and remediation projects for organizations of varied size, scope and focus.
  4. Members of our team completed mortgages, UDAAP, autos, and bankruptcy remediations and look-backs for major institutions as well as smaller operations.
  5. Some of our team members are qualified accountants, attorneys and certified anti-money laundering specialists.

Agreements and Conformity

Our agreements are structured to deliver minimum viable products, at milestone intervals, to enable inspection and verify that the resulting final product conforms with evolving needs.


Also, our professionals are experienced in handling sensitive issues for financial institutions under deferred prosecution agreements, consent orders and decrees.     

*Cyber-Security services under introduction and separate agreement with an unrelated entity.

Cross-Functional Team Members.  Scalable Production Teams. Greater Accountability.

Diversity of Background, Abilities and Skills.  Language and Technology Fluency.

Scalable teams. More Productivity. Better Quality. Flat or Variable Rate Structures.

On Time. On Budget. Velocity Ensured. Quality Focused.  Complete Compliance.

Data Center, On-Site, On-Shore, Off-Shore, Right-Shore, Cloud.  Our Teams Are Agile, Mobile, Thorough and Affordable.

Multi-Platform Compatibility Delivered Technology and SaaS.

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We are always interested in qualified professionals from the financial services, compliance, blockchain, intelligence, military, initial coin offering, accounting, legal, hardware, software, technology, and information industries. 

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